Background Screening

Excellent Customer Service and Premium Data

Premium Data, Expert Analysis, Exceptional Customer Service

Checkpoint Screening only uses premium data and provides high quality customer service to give you a thorough, easy to read, screening report to fit your needs. Our reports are customizable to include the information you select and our experts are available to assist you with live customer support.

When you order tenant screening through Checkpoint you get a fast, clear, and easy to read report using only high quality information. Our reports are designed to help property managers and landlords select the best rental applicants.

We use premium data and expert analysis to assist employers nationwide perform FCRA compliant pre-employment background checks. Our screening reports help you find the right candidate and help you avoid the consequences of hiring an employee who can harm your reputation or pose a threat to your staff and customers.

Through many years of experience, we have become the top choice for mobile home park owners and managers who wish to select the highest quality residents for their community.

If you are a mortgage lender or loan broker looking to access a credit report for your applicant we can assist. Checkpoint offers credit reports from the three national credit bureaus.

Let us help you select business partners and franchise operators who will not only be successful but will also represent your company values. Our business affiliate and franchise owner screening reports help you protect your brand and grow your business.
Let our high quality information and expert analysis help you minimize your lending risk. Many lenders rely on Checkpoint to perform a comprehensive background screening for real estate investment loans.

We can help you evaluate a business for lending purposes or commercial lease applications. Our business screening services include business credit reports. These reports provide information contributing to a company’s overall risk potential. Our comprehensive commercial credit report combines an Experian business credit report with freshly researched public and court record information. 

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