Tenant Screening

Not all credit data sources are alike. Checkpoint Screening uses only the highest quality credit and public record information. Our premium data and expert analysis will help you select the best tenants quickly. The eviction process is a nightmare. It costs you months of lost rent and thousands in legal fees. Save yourself from that burden by finding the right tenant to begin with using our best in the business screening services.

When performing tenant screening, accuracy of information is critical. Legal compliance is an important consideration in the screening process. It is a violation of the law to use aged or inaccurate record information. Many background screening companies obtain old and inaccurate information and pass it on to you. Skipping the information review process saves them money but creates significant legal exposure for you. Legal actions brought by prospective tenants can cost tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees to defend and consume massive amounts of your time. Legal compliance is of paramount importance at Checkpoint Screening. A detailed accuracy review is performed on every report we complete. We do not increase your legal exposure to reduce our costs!

When you order tenant screening through Checkpoint you get a fast, clear, and easy to read report using only high quality information. You can order and view our reports online anytime, 24/7.

We have preformatted report options designed to help property managers and landlords select the best rental applicants or you may create a customized report to your specifications.

Our Super Saver Report Includes:

Our Expert Report Includes:

Our Complete Report Includes:

Our Complete Report Includes:

We can also build a custom report to your specifications. The search options you can select from include:

Credit report: Our easy to read credit reports give you an objective overview how of your applicant handles financial obligations. Our credit reports include a financial summary section with an income-to debt and income-to-rent ratio that is automatically calculated.

Customized applicant scorecard: A recommendation tool we custom build to your specifications. We apply your screening requirements and give a “pass”, “fail”, or “conditional” recommendation based on the criteria set by you.

Social security number verification with residential history: We validate the provided social security number and report alias names and past address history. When combined with an eviction and/or criminal record search we are able to expand the search scope to include addresses and/or names that were not supplied by your applicant.

National eviction records database search: Available as either a statewide or nationwide search, we check for unlawful detainer court filings and possession judgments and return detailed case information. When combined with our social security number verification tool we are able to pierce deceptive practices, such as omitting an address with an eviction, to provide a more complete search rather than relying on information supplied by your applicant alone.

Nationwide criminal and sex offender database search: This is a wide reaching search of criminal record and sex offender information compiled from multiple local, state, and federal level agencies.

Global security watchlist search: A search of a database sourced from multiple federal and international governmental agencies for records related to terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, violations of banking regulations, fraud, etc.

Bankruptcy, lien, and judgment report: We search for lien, civil judgment, and bankruptcy records associated with your applicant. If records are found we provide a detailed report included docket number and county, filing type, and release date (if applicable).

County level courthouse search: This is the most up to date information available. We send a professional court records researcher in person to the county courthouse to search for records related to your applicant. This is also the only way to report records for pending criminal cases not yet fully adjudicated. This is available for both criminal and civil records.

Federal court records: We search federal district courts for records that fall under federal jurisdiction. This could include certain types of fraud, crimes on federal property, crimes committed across state lines, etc. This would also include high dollar contract disputes. Available for both criminal and civil records.

Motor vehicle records: Validates the name of the applicant against motor vehicle records and returns a detailed history of violations and suspensions.

Rental verification: Our in-house verification specialists make live contact with current and/or previous landlords to verify true rental history and behavior of a prospective tenant. We ask a thorough series of questions related to rent payment history, outstanding balances, legal notices, damages, pet problems, noise and nuisance issues, etc. The verification questions can be customized if you prefer. Employment verification: Our in-house verification specialists make live contact with the applicant’s employer to verify true employment history. We get the truth to give you a clear picture of your applicant’s employment status.

Employment verification: Our in-house verification specialists call current and/or previous employers to verify employment history. We ask about start and end date, title, salary, etc. to give you a clear picture of your applicant’s employment status.

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